Most of us are reliant on our laptops to work, communicate effectively, research information and entertain ourselves. They are a part of our lives.  We mostly carry them with us, and we use them extensively making them prone to damage.

When this happens, we are here to assist in getting you up and running quickly with laptop repair london. When you bring your laptop in, we will perform a free of charge diagnosis, after which we will inform you on the nature of the fault, the options you have and provide a fixed quote. Should you approve our quote we will proceed in the repair straight away and it will usually be ready within 24-48 hours (subject to part availability). Should a need arise we also perform call outs for the central London area to businesses and residences.

We can repair laptops of all makes and models including Apple MacBooks, Microsoft Surface laptops and gaming laptops. Whether you have a hardware or software fault our extensive experience will ensure we correctly diagnose the issue and that we perform a repair that is cost-effective and long lasting. Our engineers are based in our office in St James and you can visit us anytime without prior appointment. The repair services of Computer Renovation are second to none. If you need laptop repair near Oxford street visit us first. All of our repairs are covered by our 90 day warranty for peace of mind.

Among the brands of laptops that we support are: LenovoAsusAcerDellHPSamsungToshibaSony VaioRazerMicrosoft Surface and MSI.

laptop repair london


Malicious software that could infect your computer are on the rise. Threats vary and can have a devastating effect. Some of threats that target users today, are ransomware, phishing emails, data breaches, credential theft, crypto jacking and software exploits. There may be warning signs such as your computer slowing down but often there are none. Malware often conceal their presence. When you realise that your files are being held hostage or your data has been compromised, it is often too late. Adequate protection against known and future threats is essential. Computer Renovation engineers can remove any infection from your computer. We are silver partners with Sophos offering a range of next-generation antimalware software. Not only we ensure that you are free from threats but also that you are protected in the future.


Several faults could prevent your laptop from turning on. It could be a faulty DC Jack, a bad motherboard, bad RAM and others. Within 24 hours we will provide you with an accurate diagnosis, so that you can decide whether to proceed in our repair.


Many times, you may experience seeing that the laptop turns on by hearing the fans spin and the keyboard lighting up but you can see nothing on the screen. The cause could be a faulty screen, a faulty lcd cable, a battery or a motherboard issue.  Whatever the issue we usually turn around these repairs within 48 hours.


A broken hinge is something we see far too often. You may have tried to close the lid in haste, or you may have dropped your laptop. A broken hinge would not allow you to open and close your laptop’s lid easily and you would also run the risk of further damage to internal components by trying to operate it. We can repair your broken hinge cost-effectively and we would make sure that our repair would last.


Laptop DC power jacks are frequently becoming damaged primarily because they are continuously being connected to a charger. Hence if you insert the charger forcibly or at a wrong angle it may damage the pin inside the DC jack calling for replacement. We handle all types of DC Jack replacement and we can usually have your laptop ready on the next day.


Very often we repair laptops that have suffered from accidental liquid spillages. Most often we manage to salvage them with minimal cost as long as they are brought in shortly after the spill was made. Initially we will disassemble the laptop,completely dry it out and clean all the connectors and then perform a diagnosis as to find out whether the components have suffered damage. Most of the times we manage to put the laptop back into working order with minimal cost.


Laptop screens are quite delicate. When you drop the laptop or if an object collides with it, it’s very likely that your laptop screen will become damaged. It is also common for screens to suffer from electronic damage and reach their end of life. We replace screens from laptops of all brands and makes within 24 hours. For a cost effective laptop screen repair in London give us a call.


Whether you wish to increase the storage on your laptop, or you think your laptop is sluggish and want to install a faster storage device we can do this quickly and cost-effectively. We will consult you on your needs and then suggest the right hard drive or SSD for your needs and install it.


When your laptop becomes too noisy or you feel that it is overheating, that is often a sign that fans may be damaged and in need of replacement. We can do fan replacement and repairs often within 24 hours.


There are several reasons that would cause a keyboard or some  keys to not function. Whatever the cause is or the device is we can quickly replace or repair keyboards on any type of laptop usually at a fraction of the cost that the manufacturer would charge.


Trackpads often get unresponsive or function in an erratic way (e.g. showing a jumping cursor). We can repair or replace them within one or two days.


An overheating laptop may cause damage to its internal components and usually it shuts itself down to prevent that. If you feel that your laptop shuts down randomly without warning or if you feel that it becomes very hot after a few minutes of usage, then it probably suffers from overheating.

The cause could be excessive dust raising the temperature inside or a faulty fan which does not cool the laptop and circulate the air as it should. Whatever the cause is we can repair your laptop in a few hours and have you up and running again.