The following are terms & conditions of agreement between you; the Customer, & Computer Renovation Limited; the Company, which state that by using our services you acknowledge to having fully read, understood & agree to be bound by the terms & conditions set out below and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

The Company acknowledges that the Customer is the legal owner of the equipment being signed over to us for the purpose of diagnostic evaluation and/or repairs.

The Company recognizes that any data stored on the equipment is the property of the Customer & this means the Company & its representatives will not be permitted to access this data unless receiving prior written permission from the Customer.

The Customer accepts that the equipment they are providing is physically damaged, considered inoperable or not functioning correctly at the time of signing over to the Company, who shall provide a free diagnostic to assess damage, or to establish potential causes & to then provide a relevant estimate for service, repairs and/or recovery of data.

The Company accepts no responsibility for any subsequent damage or loss of data, however caused, including alleged loss occurring during any data recovery processes.

Following communication & acceptance of estimates, services and/or repairs shall be undertaken & the Customer will be notified on completion that the equipment is ready for collection.

Following communication & non-acceptance of estimates the Company shall expect the Customer to collect any relevant equipment, preferably within 3 working days.

Proposed timescales for completion of agreed services and/or repairs may vary depending on the nature of the work required & may include, but not be limited to, job volume, complexity, or the attainability of relevant parts and/or resources required for replacement or installation.

Advance partial payment will be required by the Company in the event that specialized replacement parts need to be purchased from a third party & this will be agreed & arranged with the Customer before proceeding.

Payment, or balance thereof, is due in full on communication of successful repair or completion of services before the associated equipment will be released.

The Company will contact the Customer when equipment is ready for collection. Should equipment remain uncollected within 30 days of contact, the Company will issue a written reminder to the Customer requesting collection by a specified date.  It shall remain the responsibility of the Customer to collect any equipment that has been signed over & which will be subject to disposal if not collected within 90 days from the date of original acceptance, at which time the Company shall have no liability to the Customer or third party.

Computer Renovation Limited has a 90 days warranty on repair services & will engage in remedial work deemed appropriate in the event of any recurrence of the original documented issue(s) but shall not cover any issues which may develop within this warranty period that are not relatable to the original diagnosis or repair. This shall NOT include third party replacement parts incorporated during service. Computer Renovation Limited disclaims any data warranty, explicit or implicit, of any kind.

These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by the laws of England & Wales. Any dispute between the parties relating to this agreement shall fall within the jurisdiction of the courts of England & Wales.