We know how frustrating it is when you are unable to use your laptop effectively due to issues with the keyboard and having to resort to using an external one. Laptop keyboards very often become damaged and may function incorrectly needing a laptop keyboard replacement due to a variety of reasons such as:

  • Liquid spills on the keyboard
  • Broken keys
  • Keys that are prone to stick down when pressed
  • Faulty electronics, connections or ribbon cable
  • Keys registering different characters when pressed

Computer Renovation offers a fast, reliable and cost-effective keyboard replacement service and in the majority of cases we have a turnaround of 48 hours.

We replace keyboards of all laptop brands and their respective makes and models.

Once you bring your laptop in to us, we will provide you with a fixed quote for repairing or replacing your faulty keyboard. As soon as our quote is accepted you can either choose to leave your laptop with us and then collect it once the repair/replacement has taken place or, if we need to order in a new keyboard, you have the option to take back your laptop until we inform you when the new keyboard arrives, then we can arrange to get it fitted on the same day that you bring your laptop back in to us.

laptop keyboard replacement