Computer Renovation has been recovering Petabytes of data for individuals and businesses in Central London for several years, being successful in even the most challenging cases. We know how important your data is for your work and your personal lives and we take their recovery very seriously. Your one stop for data recovery Marylebone.

Regardless, of the type of storage device (hard drives, solid state drives, USB sticks, DVDs, laptops, desktops, RAID arrays, memory cards and others), their respective file systems (NTFS, FAT, HFS+, APFS, UFS, ext2 and others) and the fault produced, our engineers have the experience and tools to get your files back.

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You may have accidentally deleted your files or dropped your hard drive or even your file storage media failed for no fault of your own. In any scenario, we are here for you. Contrary to popular belief storage media fail very frequently and have a limited life span so if you have no backup or your backup is outdated the data needs to be recovered from the original storage media.

For us to make a free assessment on your storage media you need to either bring your laptop/drive/device to us or in cases when you cannot visit we can arrange collection. We have already served many residents and businesses in Marylebone and our offices are in St James a very short walk away. Once we have the storage device, we will perform a free of charge diagnostic to determine the nature of the fault and the difficulty of recovery and subsequently we will provide you with a quote. Cases that do not involve physical damage to the storage media usually take 24 hours or less.

Once you suspect data loss it is important not to try DIY methods on data recovery, since in many cases this can make matters much worse and in certain cases may render your data unrecoverable. Please power off your device and bring it to us where we will be able to let you know if any damage has occurred and what we can do about it.

In most occasions we are able to recover all of your data but in cases where only part of the data is recoverable, we will provide you with a list of files that are guaranteed to work so you can make an informed decision on whether you wish to proceed. Once you accept our quote, we will copy your files in your preferred storage media which we can provide or your can bring your own.


We support a range of mechanical hard drives, regardless of interface (SATA, IDE, SCSI), size and whether they are internal or external. Furthermore, we recover data from all known hard drive brands such as Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Samsung and Hitachi. Common data loss occurrences include:

– Accidentally formatting a drive with valuable data and even overwriting some of it

– Corrupted file system

– Physical damage (damaged heads, seized motor)

– Firmware corruption

– Slow and bad sectors

– Electronics failure

-PCB damage

-Damaged data connectors


SSD’s in contrast to hard disk drives do not have mechanical parts and do not make whirring noises when reading and writing data as they are made of electronic circuits. We support all SSD form factors (e.g. SATA, M.2 SATA, M.2 NVMe, mSATA, SlimSATA) and brands such as Samsung, Western Digital, Sabrent, Crucial and Adata. Their recovery especially in cases of physical damage can be more challenging than in hard drives but it is definitely possible and we have had success in a number of occasions.


Laptops come with a range of drives being either hard drives or SSD’s and a number of forms factors (SATA, M.2 SATA, IDE, M.2 NVMe, mSATA, SlimSATA). Many times, in modern laptops they have more than one storage device, frequently a faster SSD for the operating system and a hard drive for file storage. There are several warning signs that your drive is failing, and the best action would be when you see the first sign, is to immediately try and backup your files. If that is not possible it is best to turn off the laptop and bring it to us, since your chances of a low-cost successful recovery most often diminish while your damaged drive seeks to read the data. Some of the warning signs of a damaged drive are:

Operating system takes much longer than usual to load
Drive is not recognized
Cannot boot to the operating system
Certain files take a very long time to open
Clicking noises from your laptop

It is quite common for MacBook’s to fail to load MacOS or have a failed drive. Most of the MacBook’s have removable storage (most commonly an SSD in the last few years) but some models have the storage media soldered onto the motherboard. Computer Renovation engineers can deal with both scenarios. Please let us know in advance the model number of your MacBook for further advice.


All too often you will need to transfer files from one computer to the other and it will not be straightforward. You could be transferring your files to a new computer for example that does not have the same interfaces as the old one or perhaps your old computer does not boot into the operating system. Regardless on the issue that you encounter we can transfer your data over on the same day and have you up and running.

Removal media data recovery

All too often we get to recover data from USB sticks, Zip Disks, Floppy Disks, CD’s, DVD’s, Flash Card, Camera Memory cards, SIM cards and other removable storage. Whether there has been accidental deletion or formatting of your device or physical damage (such as the USB stick interface breaking off), we can assist.

RAID Data Recovery

It could be that there is failure with your NAS device or perhaps more drives than the ones permitted for redundancy failed. Do not fear as Computer Renovation engineers have recovered data on hundreds of RAID arrays. We will reconstruct your RAID where possible or clone your damaged drives to identical working ones so as to get your data back.