Gaming PC Repair – Custom PC Repair

Custom Built and Gaming PCs are built for performance and often when they malfunction, it can be challenging to find the exact cause. Our extensive experience in gaming pc repair / custom pc repair, along with having a variety of PC components in stock in our workshop, makes Computer Renovation the ideal choice for gaming pc repair and custom pc repair.

PC Issues in gaming pc repair that come to us quite often are:

  • PC not powering up – Power supply issues
  • Overheating Issues
  • PC powering up but having no display
  • Replacement/upgrade of the AIO (all in one cooler)
  • Replacement /repair/clean of a custom water loop system
  • Replace PC case to improve airflow or increase case connectors
  • CMOS battery failure
  • RAM failure
  • Low FPS when gaming or when running graphically intense applications
  • Liquid damage
  • Excessive dust blocking the airflow
  • Repasting and need for thorough internal clean
  • PC being unstable / random shutdowns
  • OS / Windows Issues – Failure to boot
  • Hard Drive / SSD failure
  • Data Recovery
  • GPU / CPU upgrade
  • SSD / RAM upgrade
  • Aesthetic improvement from led lighting to mini lcds inside your case

and many others. Our clients come to us in different scenarios

  • New PC Build going wrong: It can be quite exciting to build your PC on your own, but if you are not experienced and careful, you may end up damaging expensive components, something that happens surprisingly often. Many times our clients have not been able to see their PC working at all following their built spending hours and days on end worrying about what they did wrong. Quite frequently we see a wrong selection of parts where some are incompatible with others. There is no substitute to real experience and our fees in helping you build your PC are minimal compared to the damage that can be caused from inexperience. In such cases, we carefully diagnose the issue and resolve it for a fixed fee. If any of your components are faulty but under warranty, we help you return them for a replacement, otherwise you have the option to bring your own components under our guidance or for us to purchase them for you.
  • Off the shelf gaming / custom PC: several high-end PC builders, use proprietary parts such as cases and motherboards that are incredibly hard to replace for an equivalent unless you can find the exact same component. This often comes up with our clients when they try to upgrade or troubleshoot these PCs. We have access to a large number of proprietary parts and if nothing can be found we can assist you in swapping the faulty proprietary components with suitable standard component replacements that would prevent you from running to the same issue in the future when trying to perform a gaming pc repair.
  • Generic fault to PC with standard components: A gaming / custom PC failure can be attributed to a component becoming faulty, an accident such as a liquid spill , a misconfiguration or a software fault. Once we diagnose the issue, we can give you several options on how to proceed, including giving you’re the option of providing your own components from popular manufacturers such as MSI, Asus, Intel, Corsair, EVGA,  and others or the option to get cheaper used parts from our suppliers if you prefer.
  • PC Upgrades: Depending on what you use you gaming / custom built PC for it will get outdated after a few year. The advantage with custom built PC’s is that you do not need to purchase a new computer altogether but can upgrade individual components that will boost performance according to your requirements. Having upgraded thousands of PCs we are ideally suited to provide you with solid advice.

Our Gaming PC Repair / Custom PC Repair process

Drop off or Collection or Onsite Service: Most of our clients drop off their PCs to our workshop in 40-41 Pall Mall, St James for gaming pc repair. You can do so anytime during our working hours. Our location at the very center of London and our long opening hours make it easy for you to bring your PC. If you cannot bring your PC to us, we can either arrange a delivery company to collect it or for a member of our staff to collect it from you for a reasonable charge.

If you prefer not to part with your PC at all, we can also arrange to visit your premises for a gaming pc repair and perform troubleshooting and repairs onsite, however in this case we would need to charge you per hour as opposed to a fixed fee that we would charge if we worked on your PC in our premises.

Please note that all of our repairs take place in house and we never outsource any part of our service.

Diagnosis:  In the vast majority of cases we diagnose the issue with your PC within 24 hours (when its with us) and come back to you with our quote for the repair. Repair times vary depending on part availability but in most occasions your PC is ready within 48 hours from diagnosis.

Repair: Upon your acceptance of the quote, we perform the repair and then run a multitude of tests and benchmarks to make sure any issue has been resolved.  In cases where the issue was inconsistent and irregular, we invite you to remotely login to your PC and use it while its with us for a while to make sure that you cannot replicate the issue. In any scenario we also provide a 3-month warranty on all of our gaming pc repairs for your peace of mind. Anything going wrong during this period, you can bring the PC back to us and we wll repair it free of charge.

Our technicians are enthusiastic about custom / gaming pc repair and have a wealth of knowledge in regards to repair as well as configuring them for optimal performance gained through years of experience and by following current trends and technologies. Give us a call now to discuss the issues with your custom pc repair / gaming pc repair.

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