Overheating laptop

We very frequently receive overheating laptops for repair. Among the symptoms that they present are that they randomly shut down while the user is working on them, other times they become very hot to the touch and other times their performance drops dramatically.

In most of these ocassions we find that the issue is related to

  • faulty fans not allowing the internal components to cool down
  • dirty/dusty fans that cause the fans to underperform and that gives rise to higher temperatures
  • the thermal paste between the heatsink and the cpu and graphics card chip has dried out and needs replacement.

Quite frequently more than one of the above reasons are at fault and especially in gaming laptops that tend to have higher temperatures due to their higher end components that produce more heat. Especially in cases that high performance laptops have a portable design overheating can be more of an issue since ventilation is challenging since adequate airflow cannot be achieved.

At Computer Renovation we can accurately diagnose the issue with your overheating laptop within a day and advise on the best course of action.